It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. We take pride in our client’s transformations…

Aloha! It was through my best friend that I learned about this healthy transformation. Not sure what it was all about, we set up an appointment to learn more about “getting healthy”.

Getting to a better health was important to me since recently losing my father. Dad was the primary caregiver to our mom who had 3 strokes, the last stroke causing the most effect to her mobility, memory and vision and 5 years ago, became a dialysis patient. I’m the oldest of 3 children and now have become responsible to see that mom was being taken cared of. Through this newly acquired responsibility, I was determined to get healthier and take control of my health and well-being, to ensure that I would avoid the ailments of a stroke or worse and become reliant on people to help and care for me. I’m single, have no children and have been an independent person.  Becoming disabled and having to rely on assistance was NOT what I envisioned my future to be like. At age 53 I had to make changes and make them quickly. I knew I was “big” but didn’t realize how badly I had been treating myself.

I was taking 2 types of high blood prescriptions, a pill for cholesterol and another pill of metformin for pre-diabetes. July 8, 2019, I was admitted into the hospital with failing kidneys. I was also a smoker.

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Since starting my journey to a healthier me on January 27, 2020, I am no longer taking high blood pressure medication. No longer taking Metformin. I remain on the cholesterol medication for now but am positive, that will stop too.

Through the guidance, coaching and support from Kerrie Koda and Darnell Yoshioka, my #1 Coaches, I’m down 100 lbs in 8 months! I did not think I could do it! I did not think I could’ve made this far not being able to enjoy eating all my ethnic favorite foods; Hawaiian, puerto rican, Japanese, Chinese, filipino and the list goes on and on. TRUST ME! It’s a long list of onolicious food that I loved and enjoyed. 

My healthy journey is not over yet. I have more fat to burn and I’m loving this journey with my best friend and coaches. My mindset to CHOOSE healthier options is empowering and life changing. I’ve never stuck to a “diet” before and I’m reminded that this is NOT a diet, but a life changer. It is! And it’s changed my life.

– Trina O L Diorec

I’ve always placed my family and needs of others before mines. I felt good and strong and didn’t think I needed to make adjustments in my life or health. I was already taking high blood pressure meds, suffering from severe pains in both knees and experiencing pain all over, even in while I slept. So many restless evenings with a high stress job had started to take a toll on me mentally, emotionally and physically. 

I noticed my Kumu Hula had lost some drastic weight and noticed while during hula classes, his alarm on his cell phone would go off and he would bring out a bar and eat. I approached him one night after class and asked him what he was on because he looked awesome. All he said was, you gotta call Dar.

A month later, I made that call! Darnell Yoshioka, whom I’ve known since dancing hula with her, scheduled a time for us to chat about this program. I was soon approaching my 53rd birthday and decided on investing in my health as my birthday celebration to ME!

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January 27, 2020, I began my journey to a healthier me. Eating 5 healthy, well selected “fuels” and eating 1 healthy prepared, weighed and measured meal a day.  What? 1 meal? Weighed? Measured?

I made a sound decision that evening after talking with Darnell, I would invest in ME for once and stick to the plan for at least 1 full month. I’m still on the plan and have lost 50lbs and now can get into “skinny” jeans size 10-12.

I couldn’t have imagined this 1 investment could make such a positive transformation in my life. I have less pain in both knees, have not experienced any sciatica pain for months now and sleep like a baby waking up energetic and refreshed; still working my high stressed job, but approaching my daily responsibilities with a different outlook. I look forward to cooking our healthy meals and experiencing different combinations of proteins and vegetables.

My coaches Kerrie Koda and Darnell Yoshioka continues to play a very large role in my continued transformation. They keep me accountable! They are amazing coaches; supportive in every aspect of my journey. But most importantly, they keep it fun and real!

– Margery M Macadangdang

I was so stubborn to even think that I could eat whatever I wanted and just exercise to be healthy.  Boy was I WRONG!

I was sick of being sick and knew it was time to change my habits. Doctor visits were becoming more frequent on top surviving the daily aches and pains. It just kept getting worse. My options were to be on medication for the rest of my life or find another solution. 

What caught my attention was the fact that this program is NOT a “diet”. I learned that if I did not change my mindset, I would go right back to old bad habits. So, all I did was trust the process, follow the program 100%, and focus on my end-result.

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I lost a total of 25lbs. My doctor could not believe that in just two months my numbers came out completely normal. He was amazed and so was I! No more high cholesterol, liver count was finally normal, no more acid-reflux, aches and pains gone, among many other ailments. I have tons of energy and feel amazing! 

I had no idea what healthy felt like and I love it! The day my life changed, was the day I said YES to my health!  This has truly changed my life…

– Darnell Yoshioka

“This journey of mine started when I made a decision to get healthy. I was popping pills everyday for high cholesterol, acid reflux, recurring infections & pre-diabetic. If I didn’t get that under control Dr would have added another medication. On top of all that I had the worst body aches and pain. I was sick and tired of being SICK.

Because of my WHY I pushed through and focus on what I CAN have vs What I can’t have. My WHY to get OFF meds & to LIVE a longer life for my family and grandkids pushed me to focus and lose 57 pounds in 5 months. I kicked all medications out the window within 3 months. 

This Grandma of 4 amazing grandkids is rocking size 2 from 16. I haven’t seen that size in decades.

I totally LOVE this BEST Healthy Version of ME”

– Madelene

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Madelene lost 57 lbs in only 5 months AND stopped taking her medications within 3 months!

“I had been on high blood pressure meds since my early 40’s, 190 lbs and overweight, living with sleep apnea, having no energy, and all of the other illnesses that come with an unhealthy lifestyle. I was out with a knee injury and unable to exercise.

I was introduced to this program with just the intent to lose weight, but the benefits have proven to be so much more! In just one week, I lost 11 pounds, and my blood pressure reduced drastically.

Currently, I’ve lost a total of 50 lbs, my blood pressure is normal and I am off all medication. No snoring, I sleep better and have way more energy than ever before!

The only regret is not finding out about this program sooner so that my parents and sister would still be here with me…”

– Mike 

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Mike lost a total of 50lbs, reduced his blood pressure, re-fueled his energy levels AND is off all medications. Way to go Mike!

“I am 53 years old, and a grandmother of two.

I am 4’10” and always weighed around 100-105 pounds. When I had reached age 40, my body was slowly going downhill.  I needed glasses, had chronic sciatica, sore knees, lower back pain, acid reflux, digestion issues, irregular bowel movements, borderline high cholesterol, snoring/sleep apnea and standing up from sitting or lying position was difficult. Many would say to me “you’re so tiny” but having that extra 17 pounds was a lot.

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I was so INSPIRED when I saw my friend’s transformation – she lost 57 pounds in 4 months! So, I decided to give it a try.  Soon after, I lost 17 pounds (goal weight) and also lost 16 inches along the way. I feel great –  stiffness GONE, acid reflux GONE,  gut issues GONE, high cholesterol GONE, no snoring and no getting up and walking around like an old lady.  Now my wife and sister have also joined the program and many others have followed by transforming their HEALTH and LIFESTYLE.”

– Kerrie K.